Terror Train 2

Terror Train 2 ( 2022 )

Terror Train 2


A year has passed since a series of gruesome murders took the lives of multiple college seniors aboard the now infamous Terror Train. The survivors are coerced to go on a New Year's Eve redemption ride aboard the very same train, where a new kind of evil awaits and the terrified passengers must once again fight to survive the ride.

Actores: Robyn Alomar, Nia Roam, Romy Weltman, Tim Rozon, Lisa Truong, Emma Elle Paterson, Tori Barban, Dakota Jamal Wellman, Ess Hodlmoser, Daniel Gravelle, Matthew Villeneuve, Judith Baribeau, Darragh Mondoux, Sabrina D'Alelio
Director: Philippe Gagnon
Fecha de estreno: 2022

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Terror Train 2
2022 Año
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