Lonesome Soldier

Lonesome Soldier ( 2023 )

Lonesome Soldier


Based on a true American story, Lonesome Soldier immerses viewers in the captivating journey of Jackson Harlow, a young man hailing from the heart of Tennessee to the war-torn lands of Iraq. Haunted by the vivid memories of war, Jackson's homecoming proves to be a profound turning point in his life, as he discovers that the battle he faces is far from over—it’s just different. Lonesome Soldier vividly portrays the profound challenges and profound triumphs experienced by those who have bravely faced the crucible of war, only to return to a world that may never fully comprehend their struggles.

Actores: John Ashton, Allison McAtee, Jesse James, Jamie Bernadette, Steve Monroe, Patrick Malone, Mohamed Karim
Director: Nino Aldi
Fecha de estreno: 2023

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Lonesome Soldier
2023 Año