Hals über Kopf

Hals über Kopf ( 2022 )

Hals über Kopf


When Ella, the rich daughter of a corrupt banker, escapes from her arranged wedding and hides in the trunk of a Bentley,she meets Richie, a small town crook who has just stolen the Bentley. Together they stage her disappearance as a kidnappingin order to get as much money as possible from her parents.

Actores: Miriam Fussenegger, Alexander Stecher, Ulrike Beimpold, Otto Jaus, Patrick Seletzky, Clemens Berndorff, Theresa Martini, Monica Reyes, Angelika Strahser, August Zirner
Director: Andreas Schmied, Andreas Schmied, Raoul Bruck, Andrea Inreiter-Aust
Fecha de estreno: 2022

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Hals über Kopf
2022 Año
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