FBI: Feos, Bobos e Ingenuos

FBI: Feos, Bobos e Ingenuos ( 2021 )

FBI: Feos, Bobos e Ingenuos


Julián is an ugly and unattractive guy; He does not know what it is to have a girlfriend and lives idealizing finding the perfect woman with whom he can marry, because he lives in the shadow of his friend Chucky, whom he sees has many women and wants to be like him. Bored, Julián decides to sign up for a marriage agency that claims to have the key to success in getting his better half.

Actores: Julian Madrid, Susy López, Melissa Zapata, Hugo Patiño, Alexandra Restrepo, José Luis Mesa, Wilmer Cadavid, Katherine Castrillón, Kenny Astudillo, Carlos "El Mono" Sanchez, Rubén Darío Franco, Hugo Neimer Gonzáles, Armando Ortíz, Belmer Ospina, Faustino Asprilla
Director: Colbert Garcia, Lorena Montoya, Claudia Santiesteban, Sandra Rendón
Fecha de estreno: 2021

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FBI: Feos, Bobos e Ingenuos
2021 Año
Comedia, Romance Generos