Duffle Bag Boy

Duffle Bag Boy ( 2024 )

Duffle Bag Boy


One year after separating from military service, Bruce hitchhikes his way into becoming an outlaw with all of its riches and glory. His tense relationship with kingpin, Maurice, brings chaos to the empire and results in an all-out war.

Actores: James Anthony Perez, Sugar Ray Lytle, ZsaNell Sims, Lavios Brown, Don Tempesta, Felix Martinez, Chandler Rossitto, Talon Barber, Jonathon Pereyra, Justin Fliedner, Nick Wagner, Cody Summers-Cherry
Director: Alexander Raye Pimentel, Alexander Raye Pimentel, Alexander Raye Pimentel
Fecha de estreno: 2024

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Duffle Bag Boy
2024 Año