De Italia con amor

De Italia con amor ( 2022 )

From Italy with Amore


When health and wellness journalist, Ariel Moss catches a glimpse of what she thinks is her dream man at a local eatery, she will stop at nothing to get to know him better. In her quest to see him again, she meets handsome restaurateur, Daniel, who helps her realize that maybe the way to her heart is through her stomach.

Actores: Rebecca Dalton, Marcus Rosner, Michael Lazarovitch, Kara Duncan, Dawn Ford, Stafford Perry, Brendan Morgan, Jenny Steele, Jessy Ardern, Randy Brososky, Dominique Smith, Abby Prokopowich, Marcus Rosner, Katy Breier, Erica Deutschman
Director: Dylan Pearce, Dylan Pearce, Eric B. Spoeth, Hijab Choudhary, J.D. Schroder
Fecha de estreno: 2022

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From Italy with Amore
2022 Año
Comedia, Romance Generos