Clutch Time

Clutch Time ( 2020 )



During the reign of Guangxu, the country was weakening and foreign troubles were becoming more and more urgent. The uprising was crushed by the old feudal bureaucratic forces because of the traitor's informing, and it failed. However, the sacrifice of Qiu Jin and other volunteers awakened more people to join the struggle against imperialism and feudalism. Four years later, the Xinhai Revolution broke out, overthrowing the Qing Dynasty, and the blood shed by Qiu Jin bore the fruit of the revolution.

Actores: Zhibo Yuan, Wang Xi, Gao Haicheng, Chen Jingkang, Li Daqiang, Jimingzhu Wang, Chen Ming
Director: Chen Jing
Fecha de estreno: 2020

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2020 Año
Drama, Historia Generos