Cider and Sunsets

Cider and Sunsets ( 2022 )

Cider and Sunsets


Marley’s brilliant at organizing other people’s engagements, but unlucky in finding romance herself. When designing her most important proposal yet, the man who could jeopardize it all may be the one who helps find her own love story.

Actores: Erin Agostino, Aaron Ashmore, Mary Long, Lara Amersey, Brooke Palsson, Greg Ellwand, Graham Parkhurst, Glenda MacInnis, Julie Nolke, Vicki Kim, Austin Macdonald
Director: John Bradshaw, Mathew Meszoly, Juan Diego García, Nick Coffin, Alan McKenna, Ashley Ballentine, Alessia Meta, Joseph Burdi, Rob Oakman, Scott Marleau
Fecha de estreno: 2022

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Cider and Sunsets
2022 Año